styling service

I am so excited to be able to offer a complimentary styling service - with all sessions! The slideshow to the left explains everything. Its actually a really fun way to prep for your session. Don't think of it as a shopping and styling service. MANY items can be found in your own closet or borrowed from a friend. 

client closet

In addition to the custom styling service, I also offer quite a few clothing options. Many of you know I have four kids of my own. Its hard to part with some of my favorite things - so I just move them to my client closet! Its a "win-win-win"! ("Office" fans will get that reference. 

client closet

There are so many ways to appropriately coordinate, but all the rules can be confusing. Compliments of "Style & Select", here is a detailed list of the top 10 coordinating faux pas.

coming soon.png

coming soon!

1. BAGGIER IS NOT BETTER FOR WOMEN | accentuate, don't hide
2. BRIGHT AND NEON COLORS | are hard to control and edit
3. large logos | too distracting
4. sporty tennis shoes | footwear should match overall outfit
5. mixing similar patterns | multiple plaids is distracting
6. matching colors | one color for everyone is dated
7. visible diaper or undergarments | throw some bloomers or leggings on
8. matching denim jeans | limit jeans to one or two people in session
9. mismatching color tones | Pastel, Jewel, Dark or Light - keep them in the same family
10. Dress like its every day | Be yourself and show it off!