art in motion

gallery information

Galleries will be uploading in alphabetical order over the weekend, through Monday. All Galleries will be uploaded by Monday, May 3rd at 5:00pm

Galleries are roughly edited for tones and color. 
Any photo ordered, Digital or Print, will be fully edited.

(Example of Unedited and Edited image pictured right.

order information

All orders are due 05/08/2021by Midnight. Orders will not be accepted late. 

6:25% Tax and $3.00 Shipping is not included in the Pricing Guide (Shown Below)

Print and Product Orders will be available for Pickup on 06/01/2021from 5:30 to 8:30pm at Art in Motion School of Dance.

Digital Image Orders will be emailed out by 06/01/2021 to the email address used at checkout.


pricing information

You can select your own poses for packages, no size substitutions in packages.

AIM Photoshoot Pricing 2021 (1).jpg

did you know?

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